About Us

My name is Irma Laitila. I live in a small village called Ängesträsk 60km north of Luleå.

In 2006 I founded the company “Irka’s Tennsmycken”.
Over the years I have developed my craft to modern design.
I have several years of experience in the industry and think this is still as inspiring and fun.
I enjoy my job and want to give my customers good service and high quality.

My jewelery is largely made of vegetable tanned Reindeer leather.
The pewter thread in my products contain 4% silver, it is tightly spun  and of high quality.
All loops and cords are reinforced with sinew, increasing the jewelry’s life expectancy considerably.

You can order different colors of pearls and leather.
You are welcome with your own ideas. I manufacture as desired.

I participate in fairs, markets and various events.
you can read more about this on the page “Fairs and Markets”.